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I Have Faltered, I Have Stumbled, I Have Found My Feet Again
I Just Know I Have Found The Place My Heart Belongs
I'm No Angel... 
2nd-May-2020 07:17 am - [sticky post] Voice Mail
On The Phone
"Hey, you've reached Savannah... well, no, you've reached her voice mail because Savannah is either working or lost in her art. If you leave your name and number, I'll do my best to get back to you just as soon as I can."
9th-Aug-2020 09:42 am - Strokes Of Genius Voice Mail
Magic, Colorful
Hi, you've reached the voice mail for Strokes of Genius. If you leave a message at the tone, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.
2nd-May-2014 06:53 am - Savannah's E-Mail
Savannah Levine Grown Up
Leave e-mail for Savannah here

[[Please to Utilize OCD threads]]
5th-Oct-2012 04:29 pm - 28 Sphinx Street, Friday All Day
Magic, Colorful
Savannah was 21 today.

Huh. The time sure passed rather quickly when you weren't paying attention to it.

To celebrate today she had, well, nothing much. She had pondered dinner and that led to thinking about movies and then working on a new painting when inspiration surprisingly struck her.

Which was why she was now sitting on the couch with one of her favorite movies in the background, dressed in her pajamas with her sketchbook on her lap.

She'd party when she figured out what to do.

[[OOC: Open for calls, texts, visits, gift deliveries! SP is love as I forgot the date. :D]]
24th-Aug-2012 10:52 am - 28 Sphinx Street, Friday
Artwork, Sketching 2
Savannah hadn't been able to sleep very well during the night, so about three a.m., she had given up. Getting dressed and brushing her hair back, she had gone out jogging and then returned home. After getting a shower and putting a pot of coffee on, she went into her studio and just tried to lose herself in her painting for a little while.

There had been too mnay goodbyes in her life the last few months and the fact that she knew the hardest was coming up didn't help matters. True, there would be more visits now, but that didn't make having to say goodbye for even a small span of time any easier.

And so, she painted. She didn't think or plan, she just moved paint to canvas.

[[OOC: For the BFF and housemate.]]
4th-Jun-2012 08:47 am - New York, Sunday Night Fandom Time
Trying To Be Strong, Shocked
Savannah let herself into the penthouse apartment silently.

She had been gone longer than she had planned on -- but the last few days had been required so that she could be healed before Johnny saw that she had gotten injured. It had been a tough case, but the bad guy had been taken care of and the Council was focusing on the clean up right now.

Once inside the apartment, she frowned when she saw all of the empty bottles of alcohol laying about. If her job was driving Johnny to the point of drinking this much, then they really needed to have a talk.

She set up a pot of coffee to brew as she cleaned up the outer rooms and got rid of all of the bottles. How did he drink so many? She had only ever seen this much alcohol all in one place when she was in a bar.

When the coffee was done, she poured a cup for both of them and then headed to the bedroom.

A simple spell caused the door to unlatch ...Collapse )

It was dark when Savannah finally decided to stop moving and pull her cellphone out of her pocket. She ignored the messages from Johnny ... and the ones from Sue, too. Her hands were shaking as she managed to pull up her contacts list and push a button to make a call before she did something stupid and tried to keep running away.

[[OOC: For one, and possibly others later. I also need to ponder the icon paid time again...]]
22nd-May-2012 09:57 am - New York, Tuesday Fandom Time
"You're doing what?"

Savannah sighed as she turned to look at her fiance. "You heard me, Johnny. Paige and Lucas need my help."

"Let them find someone else to do it."

"Johnny, they can't. Their faces are too well known and mine isn't. I can go undercover without any problems to get the information that we need."

"They need, not you. You don't need it for anything." Johnny's face was tight. "I don't know why you still work for them when you don't need the money, Savannah. Between me and your trust fund, you don't havr to work and cvan focus on your art and other things."

"Other things being you?" She shook her head, reaching out to take his hand. "Johnny, we've been through all of this so many times before. I love that you want to take care of me, but I enjoy working and earning my own way. I like helping the supernatural community as a member of the Council and I don't want to touch my trust fund unless I absolutely need to." She ran a hand through his hair. "Besides, when we finally do pick a wedding day, I don't want anyone to say I'm only marrying you for your money."

"Let them say what the hell they want, I don't care. What's the point of having all of this if I can't pamper and spoil the woman that I love?" He pulled her close. "I don't like you doing risky and dangerous stuff like this, Savannah."

"I'm not exactly fond of you putting yourself in danger, either, Johnny."

"It's what I do. I'm a super hero."

She pulled back far enough so that she could tilt her head and look up at him. "And what about me, Johnny? What am I?"

Nothing Good Ever Happens From A Fire And Dynamite FightCollapse )

Even after she was on the jet and headed to Oregon, Savannah couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that something was very wrong.
Shocked and Broken
Savannah hadn't returned to the Lighthouse after it was deemed safe for all of the refugees to leave the safety of Special Collections. There was the whole thing where she wanted to give Sean and Annja some privacy for their reunion. She'd hated seeing her brother looking so haunted and numb after he lost his wife, and she had been powerless to help him. The least she could do is give them some privacy.

She could see people all around her running about and being happy that they were alive again or excited because they had found out that people they loved were coming back into existence.

It was just like she had told Isabel, the people on the island were always brought back because those were the rules. By her logic, anyway.

God, she was exhausted, mentally and physically.

She wandered down to the beach to climb up onto one of the rocks. She needed some time to get her emotions back under control before she could go anywhere. She wasn't going to ask Wyatt to orb her to New York, because if everything she loved was still gone, she didn't know how she was going to be able to deal with it. Besides, Isabel and Wyatt had loved ones that they needed to check on, as well.

When she heard her phone ringing in her bag, she was almost afraid to answer it.

[[OOC: Open, but the Johnny thread takes place last. Johnny played for me by snarkyhealer.]]
Studying, Writing, Sketching
Savannah couldn't sleep. She hadn't slept much during the night and then after hearing the announcements/radio broadcast, she knew that wasn't going to change. After leaving a note to let Angela know where she had gone, she picked up one of her bags and wandered slightly away from the main area and away from her tent to find a quiet toadstool to hide beneath.

With everything that had happened in the last forty-eight hours, it wouldn't be so surprising except that she needed the rest. She had been running on adrenaline all day and had expended more of her energy than she should have by doing too much magic without enough rest or food. She knew better, but in retrospect, she knew that she wouldn't have made any other choice. She was a witch and a sorcerer, with a bit of demon blood thrown in. She had the power and with that power, she took a responsibility upon herself.

Yesterday had not been a good day. She had looked around at the people who had survived and she wanted to rage and cry because there should have been so many more in here.

So Not A Good Few DaysCollapse )

Swallowing hard, she turned to a fresh sheet and started to sketch a portrait of Wyatt. It gave her something to try to focus on and for right now, it kept her from giving in to the desire to curl up and just cry for a good long time.

[[OOC: Is completely open if you don't mind emo]]

26th-Nov-2011 09:50 pm - OOC: PB Change
Savannah Levine Grown Up
This has been a long time coming, but I've been stubbornly fighting against it.

Now that Savannah has been growing up and her face has started to grow into the features of both her mother and her father, it's time to change PBs to a slightly older Savannah.

Savannah is now played by Odette Yustman and I'm going to need help duplicating name, quote and family icons that I loved on Mila's icons.

So, new face and need help with icon magic, please?

Thank you!
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