I Have Faltered, I Have Stumbled, I Have Found My Feet Again

I Just Know I Have Found The Place My Heart Belongs

Savannah Levine
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When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me?

About the Character

Character Name: Savannah Constance Levine
Fandom: Women of the Otherworld book series by Kelley Armstrong
Email Address: Savannah's E-Mail
Voicemail Link: 555-SRCR
Twitter: HasExitStrategy
Age: 20
Year: Alumni
Point in Canon: Between "Dime Store Magic" and "Industrial Magic", with a few tweaks
Current Residence: As of May 7, 2010, Savannah has left Fandom Island to move in with her fiance Johnny Storm and attend art school. Savannah is living at 28 Sphinx Street with Angela Montenegro.

Spreadhseet Of Scheduleness

By the merciless eyes I've deceived...

Important Relationships

Eve Levine - blackmagic_eve - Mom
Angela Montenegro - flashesforinfo - Best Friend
Johnny Storm - fantastic_torch - Boyfriend/Husband
Sean Nast - bigbrothersean - Brother
Wyatt Halliwell - blessed_twice - Adopted Big Brother and Whitelighter
Isabel Evans - izzyalienqueen - Adopted Sister
Chris Halliwell - neurotic_witch - Whitelighter
Summer Roberts - snarkyprincess - Best Friend
Samuel Anders - cantgetnorelief - Big Sib
Tahiri Veila - weetuskenraider - Little Sib
Jack Priest - bitten_notshy - Little Sib
K-Mart Mancini - likethestore - Best Friend/Little Sister

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights...


Co-Teaches Art Games with Angela Montenegro on Mondays.

Business Name: Strokes of Genius
Address: 50 Minotaur Lane
Phone: 555-ARTS
Type or services provided: Art supply store and private art lessons provided.
Hours of Operation: M -- Noon to 8, T-F -- 8 to 6, Sat -- 10 to 6, Sun -- 12 to 6. (Art lessons by scheduling)

Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel...

Savannah at Fandom

Savannah has come to Fandom between the events of
"Dime Store Magic" and "Industrial Magic". Obviously,
timelines have been tweaked, making Savannah a bit
older than at that point in canon. After a couple of
years of trying to get the a new Coven started up and
provide better stability for Savannah after all of the
events with her father and Leah O'Donnell, Paige and
Lucas decide to send her to a boarding school. They
figure that she'll be safer there while they are trying
to deal with Cabals, sorcerers who want both Paige and
Savannah dead and any number of other threats. They also
are under the impression that this will give Savannah a
chance at normalcy. She is captain of the cheerleading
squad, and is seriously into her art.

One of the major changes from the books (besides the age
tweaking) is that Savannah has already met Benicio Cortez
and has him wrapped around her fingers. She is the
ward of his favorite son, after all. She will call him if
she is in need of help -- or needs something that she knows
Paige would disapprove of her having access to.

Cunning and captured, free and endangered...

Important To Know

In Savannah's canon, there is no such thing as a
male witch. Women are Witches, men are
Sorcerers and they usually do not get along.
Most Sorcerers in the Cabals want witches
dead. There are a few exceptions, but for
the most part they do not get along. Demons
and Witches get along better in her world
than Witches and Sorcerers do.

She is fiercely protective of those she loves and
would risk her own humanity if she thought she
needed to in order to save someone that she
cares about.

She is very much in love with her boyfriend,
Johnny Storm, and would indeed do anything to
keep him safe from harm. Her mother, Eve, died
on her once and Savannah went ballistic trying
to bring her back from the dead. These two are
the most important people in her life and she
takes any risk she feels she has to in order to
protect them -- sometimes to Johnny's dismay.

Savannah sometimes honestly seems to have no
concept at all of her personal safety. She will
more often than not think of someone else's
safety before she thinks of her own. This is
even worse if it is someone she loves that is
in some kind of danger.

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you...


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Schedule Spreadsheet

Savannah's Complete Background

Things Of Note On Savannah Levine

Fall Semester 2007 Class Schedule

Keeping Your Wits About You and Putting Them to Good Use (Wilson, Monday Period 2) (TA)
Art 101 (Rogers, Monday Period 4)
Prophecy in Theory and Practice (Aziraphale, Tuesday Period 2)
Basic Japanese (Yondaime, Wednesday Period 3)

Spring Semester 2008 Class Schedule

World Mythology (Altreides, Monday Period 2)
Ethics (Skywalker, Thursday Period 3)
Fandom Invasions (Winchester, Thursday Period 4)
Art History (Rodgers, Friday Period 1)

Work Schedule

Co-Teaches Art Games with Angela on Mondays.

Business Name: Strokes of Genius
Address: 50 Minotaur Lane
Phone: 555-ARTS
Type or services provided: Art supply store and private art lessons provided.
Hours of Operation: M -- Noon to 8, T-F -- 8 to 6, Sat -- 10 to 6, Sun -- 12 to 6. (Art lessons by scheduling)

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